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How To Choose Doctor Blade In Every Paper Machine Section


    Paper machine spare parts doctor blade used in every paper machine section and plays a different role. In order to obtain the best scraping effect, the material and thickness of the scraper blade must have a certain hardness. But how to choose doctor blade in every paper machine section?


    Doctor Blade Selection In Paper Machine Section


    Wire part and press part: The main functions of the doctor blade in the wire section and press section are to scrape off the moisture, pulp and draft paper from the roll surface. Due to the high moisture content, depending on the material of the roller surface, high molecular polyethylene, polycarbonate, stainless steel can be used.

    Drying part: The role of the drying part is to clean the surface of the drying cylinder and rollers and remove tiny dirt, and at the same time serve to guide the paper and prevent the cylinder from wrapping when the paper is broken. Generally use high temperature resistant phosphor bronze, strong fiber or carbon fiber.

    Sizing part: Generally use high molecular polyethylene.

    Calender part and reeling part: Usually made of carbon fiber.


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