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Paper Making Boiler


    paper making boiler

    Boiler is a heat exchange equipment used to produce steam, it can transform the chemical energy of fuel into heat energy. Steam used in paper mill, divided into saturated steam and superheated steam. In order to improve the energy utilization ratio, in general choose big volume, high steam parameter power boiler these years. The emission temperature of boiler is generally high, reasonable control emission quantity or recycle use emission heat energy can achieve energy saving effect.


    Paper Mill Boiler Pollution Discharge And Energy Saving


    1. Periodic discharge impurities, discharge the impurities, sludge, incrustation in water, control the alkalinity and saltness of boiler water, make boiler water quality accord with the national standard, guarantee the heating surface is cleaned, satisfy qualified steam quality requirements, prolong the service life of paper making boiler.

    2. Use continuous drain expander to recover heat energy;

    3. Transform the polluted water from boiler to surface heater directly, the soft water of the softening box is heated by the heat exchange and sent to the boiler, improve the water temperature, save fuel cost.

    4. As a heat source for the production of paper and life, the secondary steam can be sent to paper making workshop to provide for bleach and preheated air or degelatinize, dissolved drug; supply heating in cold season, also can used to shower.

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