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Paper Mill Bale Breaker


    Paper mill bale breaker for recycling waste paper bale breaking and selecting. Before the pulping process, The densely packed waste paper is dispersed to facilitate the sorting and sorting of waste paper, while effectively removing light and heavy impurities. High efficiency remove smaller impurities ability, reduce wear to the following equipment and low energy consumption.


    Main Features Of Paper Mill Bale Breaker


    1. Disperse the bundle of raw materials, dry screening to remove light and heavy impurities.
    2. Reduce wear to the following equipment.
    3. Improve the efficiency of subsequent equipment.
    4. Labyrinth seal design in screening area, good dustproof effect.
    5. Double-sided reducer connecting rod transmission, strong transmission force.
    6. Specially designed sieve separation device, the paper sheet directly enters the bulk material after simplification, simplifying the process and high operating efficiency.
    7. The discharge port is sealed, the water film is dedusted, and the working environment is clean.


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