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The Method Of Replace Drum Pulper Screen Area



The biggest advantages of drum pulper is low damage to impurities and high efficiency of deslagging reduce the following equipment burden. But when the screening area of drum pulper has been used for a long time, the screening area is likely to be blocked, thus greatly affecting the screening effect. So it’s necessary to check and replace screen area. Here are methods of replace drum pulper screen area.


1.According to the length and size of the cylinder (with 40mm clearance on both sides),the screening area shield is removed first.

2.Make a very strong support point and fix the cylinder. Weld two movable beams and columns on the cylinder at both ends of the screening area. Two supports are welded on the cylinder body of the slag discharge port. The feeding end of the cylinder body is fixed with support of the feeding hopper with profiles.

3.Cut off the screening area to be replaced and trim the edges. Remove two movable beams and columns and weld several small support blocks on the lower half circumference of the cylinder on both sides at the same time.

4.Hoisting a new loading area, the rope cannot interfere with the two moving beams and columns.

5.After the new screening area is initially in place, the unwelded lifting plate is welded to the new screening area and the broken original cylinder part by alignment, so that the joints are integrated into one body, and the gaps on both sides are excessively looped. Wrap it up and perform circumferential welding.


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