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150T/18H Corrugated Paper T-paper Project Pulping Line



    The application of wrapping paper in life can be seen everywhere,such as carton box, shopping bag and takeaway bag,etc. In the 150T/18H Corrugated Paper T-paper Project Pulping Line,customers  choose waste paper as raw material to produce wrapping paper. A lot of pulping equipment is used in the process of producing corrugated paper and T-paper, such as hydrapulper, pressure screen and cleaner equipment and so on. With advance technology, our equipment has sold in many countries.


    Specification & Technical Data Of Corrugated Paper and T-paper Pulping Line


    Drum pulper: Φ2750mm,∅12/∅11/∅9mm,C=18~22%
    High density cleaner: Q=5800-7500L/min,C=3~5%,P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    1st middle consistency coarse screen: A=1.21m2,∅2.0mm,C=3.0-4.0%
    Light impurity separator: V=0.8m³,∅3.5mm, C=2.0%
    Reject separator: Φ380mm,Φ4.0mm,C=1.5%
    Middle density cleaner: Q=5800-7500L/min,C=2~3%,P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    1st fractionating screen: A=1.21m2,//0.20mm,C=2.4-2.5%
    2nd fractionating screen: A=2.27m2,//0.20mm,C=1.3-1.4%
    Fine screen: A=0.91m2,//0.22mm,C=1.0%
    Double disc refiner: Φ660mm,C=3-5%
    White water chest: V=100~120m3


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