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200t/24h Corrugated/Testliner Paper Making Project


    200t/24h Corrugated/Testliner Paper Making Project

    Three layers cardboard paper making machine can used to produce original corrugated paper, testliner, fluting, etc, here are the equipment list of 200t/24h fluting/testliner paper making project.


    Fluting/Testliner Paper Making Machine


    OCC pulping line: 200t/24h waste pulping line
    Chain Conveyor: width=1400mm, capacity=80-255m³/h, length=26m
    Drum Pulper: Φ2750mm,C=18~22%
    Discharge slurry pump: Q=380m³/h,H=28m,C=3.0-4.0%
    High Density Cleaner: Q=5800-7500L/min,C=3~5%,P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    Discharge slurry chest/agitator: V=100~120m³,Φ850mm
    MC Coarse Screen: A=1.21m²,C=3.0-4.0%
    Light Impurity Separator: V=0.8m³,C=2.0%
    Reject Separator: Φ380mm,Φ4.0mm,C=1.5%
    White Water Chest: V=100~120m³
    Low Density Cleaner: 1000L/min,C=0.8%-1.5%
    Double Disc Refiner: Φ660mm,C=3-5%
    Vibrating Screen: A=1.0m²,//1.0mm,C=0.4—0.5%


    We supply the whole corrugated, testliner cardboard paper paper making project, from the waste paper pulping line to paper making, if you interest, welcome to consult us: