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200T Fluting Paper Making Machine


    This paper machine is a 3300 type triple layer wire multi-cylinder fluting paper machine, mainly used to produce 115-300g/m2 fluting paper, corrugated paper, etc. The fluting paper making machine production line uses waste paper as raw material. Through pulping equipment, cleaning equipment, screening equipment, etc., it obtains good pulp and produces high-quality paper.


    Main Technical Parameters


    Main products: high-strength fluting paper, corrugated paper, liner paper, etc.
    Net paper width: 3300mm
    Production capacity: 200T
    Basis weight: 115-300g/m2
    Working speed: 350m/min
    Dynamic balancing speed: 550m/min
    Wire width: 3900mm
    Headbox lip width: 3650mm


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