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2800mm Overfeed Rewinder Machine


    2800nn overfeed rewinder machine used for corrugated paper production line. This rewinder is used to roll the paper roll into a paper roll with a basis weight of 120-600 g/m2 on the paper machine for slitting, and rewind into a finished paper roll with a width and tightness that meets the requirements. It can also be removed broken paper during the rewinding process. High quality, high efficiency and save energy.


    Technical Parameters of 2800mm Overfeed Rewinder Machine


    Thread gauge: overfeed
    Paper grade: corrugated paper
    Basis weight: 120-600g/㎡
    Trimmed width: 2800mm
    Base paper diameter: 2000mm
    Diameter of finished paper: 1300mm
    Working speed:500m/min
    Dynamic balance speed: 700m/min
    Max. tension: 1800N/m
    Equipped with power: 37kw


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