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2880mm Underfeed Rewinder


    The 2880mm underfeed rewinder is suitable for the production of fluting paper. The purpose of the rewinding machine is to rewind the paper roll (called the base paper roll) produced by the paper machine once, and the paper is made into finished paper after being rewinded. The underfeed rewinder can also used in other paper machines. High quality, high efficiency and long service life.


    Technical Data of 2880mm Underfeed Rewinder


    Threaded paper type: underfeed paper
    Paper grade: fluting paper
    Basis weight: 120-600g/㎡
    Trimmed width: 2880mm
    Diameter of base paper: Φ2500mm
    Design speed: 1200m/min
    Working speed: 1000m/min
    Slitting knife: 4 sets
    Maximum tension: 1200N/m


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