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30Tp18H Wood Pulp Processing Line


    30T/18H Wood Pulp Processing Line

    Wood pulp is always used as raw material for producing kraft paper, corrugated paper, culture paper, tissue paper and other special used paper. So how to produce high-quality wood pulp and transform wood pulp to finished paper is a big process and need advanced technology.

    Leizhan provides a 30T/18H wood pulp processing line project to show the whole producing work.

    Wood Pulp Processing Equipment List

    Generally, the wood pulp process includes conveying, pulping, cleaning, refining and screening stage. In each stage, special designed equipment is used to run the pulping work. In a 30T/18H wood pulp processing line, the needed machines are:
    1. BFW1200 Chain Conveyor, width:1200mm, length:24m
    2. ZDSD23 D Type Hydrapulper, C=3~5%
    3. ZSC4 High Density Cleaner, C=3~5%
    4. ZM450 Conical Refiner, C=3~5%
    5. ZDP450 Double Disc Refiner, C=3~5%
    6. NLS0.6 Pressure Screen Before Paper Machine, C=0.4~0.8%
    7. ZTJ850 Pulp Chest/Agitator, C=3~5%

    Wood Pulp Classification and Price

    Softwood: Coniferous trees(spruce and fir) are usually used to be preferred for making paper because the cellulose fibers in the pulp of these species are longer, therefore making for stronger paper.

    Hardwood: Deciduous trees (leafy trees such as poplar and elm), mainly producing printing and writing paper, using chemical pulping.
    Besides, strew wood and bamboo wood are also popular used in paper pulping line.

    Wood pulping price rely on the practical installed machine and the machine number. Leizhan supply reasonable price equipment with premium quality to meet paper mill production need.