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3200mm Multi Wire Corrugated Paper Machine


    The 3200mm multi wire paper machine mainly used to produce 90-140g/㎡ high strength corrugated paper. The paper machine is composed of a multi wire forming section, a pressing section, a drying section, a reeling machine, a foundation section, and a paper machine auxiliary system. Main technical data about 3200mm multi wire corrugated paper machine as below.


    Main Technical Data of 3200mm Corrugated Paper Machine


    Output paper: corrugated paper/ liner cardboard paper
    Trimmed width: 3200mm
    Basis weight: 90-140g/㎡
    Working speed: 300m/min
    Design speed: 350m/min
    Capacity: 120t/d
    Crawling speed: 25m/min
    Dynamic balance speed: 500m/min
    Gauge: 4300mm
    Layout form: single-layer layout


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