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3600/120 Cylinder Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine


    cylinder multi-cylinder paper machine

    According to the requirement of the buyer and the practical experience of our company, our company has made the following instructions on the structure data and the scope of supply of 3600/120 cylinder multi-cylinder paper machine.


    High-strength Fluting Linerboard Paper Machine Specifications


    Main product:High strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper
    Quantitative range: 100-180g/m²
    Paper width: 3600mm
    Production capacity: 50t/d
    Working speed: 50-100m/min
    Crawling speed: 25m/min
    Dynamic balance speed: 200m/min
    Gauge: 4700mm
    Transmission method: AC motor drive frequency division
    Arrangement forms: Single layout


    We also supply the pulping line of cylinder multi-cylinder paper machine to produce fluting linerboard paper, more details welcome to consult us: