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400T T-Paper Making Machine


    Complete T-paper making project include stock preparation line machine and forming paper machine line. OCC recycling to make T-paper. After pulp pulper machine, paper pulp screen machine and remove slag cleaner machine, pulp convey into T-paper machine to make paper. Large capacity, high efficiency pulping and low energy consumption.


    400T T-Paper Machine Technical Parameters


    Output paper: High strength T-paper, corrugated paper
    Trimmed width: 5000mm
    Basis weight: 60-170g/㎡
    Roll paper width: 5060mm
    Working speed: 650m/min
    Design speed: 700m/min
    Capacity: 400t/d
    Crawling speed: 25m/min
    Forming wire width: 5550mm
    Gauge: 6400mm


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