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400t Test And Fluting Stock preparation Line


400t Test And Fluting Stock preparation Line

One customer want to start kraft and high strength fluting paper, use LOCC as raw material, the production capacity is 400t/h, our engineer design the suitable proposal for them depends their demand. Here are the equipment list as reference.


Kraft Fluting Stock Preparation Equipment List


Raw material: LOCC
Chain conveyor: width=1400mm, angle=23°,length=22 meters
Waste paper bale breaker: φ=3000mm, production capacity=400-500t/d
Chain conveyor: width=1600mm, angle=23°,length=26meters
Drum pulper: φ=3250mm, h=12/11/9mm, C=3-5%
High density cleaner: Q=8000-12000l/min, C=3-5%
Mid consistency coarse screen: A=2.27m2 h=0.60mm,C=3~4%
Light impurity separator: 1.5m³ h=4.0mm, C=2~3%
Reject separator: Ø380mm C=1~2% Ø4mm
Mid density cleaner: Q=8000~12000l/min, C=2~3%
Fractionator: A=3.0m2 s=0.22mm C=2.5~2.8%
White water pool: 200m³
Long fiber 1st segment low density cleaner: 600 l/min,C=1.2%
Long fiber 2nd segment low density cleaner: 600 l/min,C=1.0%
Long fiber 3rd segment low density cleaner: 1000 l/min,C=0.7%
Long fiber 1st segment fine screen: A=1.51m2 s=0.25mm C=1~1.2%
Long fiber 2nd segment fine screen: A=0.73m2 s=0.25mm C=1.2%
Pulp sizing pump: Q=600m³/h,H=11m,C= 3~5%
Fan pulp: Q=2950m³/h,H=22m,C= 0.6~0.9%
Top layer inflow pressure screen: A=4.3m2,//0.35mm,C=0.6~0.9%
Pulp chest agitator: Φ850mm,capacity=80~100m³ C=3~5%


If you want to upgrade your old kraft fluting stock preparation line or want to start new business, welcome to consult us: