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4300mm High Grade Fluting Paper Machine


    Fluting cardboard paper is widely used in carton box making industry. 4300mm high grade fluting paper machine consists of doule layer wire part, press part, drying part, reel part and calender, etc. Leizhan provide unit double layer fluting cardboard paper production line, included pulp pulper, pulp screening and pulp cleaning, etc. High quality and low energy consumption and high grade final paper.


    Main Technical Parameters Of Fluting Paper Machine


    Main products: High grade fluting paper, T-paper
    Trimmed width: 4300mm
    Basis weight: 120-250g/m2
    Production capacity: 100-120t/d
    Working speed: 140-200m/min
    Design speed: 220m/min
    Online pulp concentration: 0.6~0.9%
    Dryness of each part of the paper machine: Outlet section ≥20~22%
    Lateral shrinkage (average): ≤3.5 to 4.5%
    Compressed air pressure: ≤0.6MPa


    Leizhan provide complete fluting paper stock preparation line machine and whole set of technical service, whatever established a paper mill or upgrade paper production line. Welcome to contact us to know more details about 4300mm fluting paper machine. Email address: