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4500mm Multi Cylinder Corrugated Paper Machinery


4500mm Multi Cylinder Corrugated Paper Machinery

One of our customer oredered 300t/d corrugated paper production line machine, our professional engineer make a suitlable project proposal for them, the details as following mentioned.


Corrugated Fluting Paper Pulping Project


Waste paper breaking and conveying: Bale Breaker, Chain Conveyor
Waste paper pulping: D Type Hydrapulper, continuous pulping machine with ragger, rope cutter, sediment well, drum screen, etc.
Pulp screening machine: Mid consistency pressure screen, fractionating screen, “apple screen”, vibrating screen, etc
Pulp cleaning machine: High density cleaner and low density cleaner
Pulp approaching equipment: Inflow pressure screen, pulp pump, etc


Corrugated Paper Making Machine


Paper kind: Corrugated/fluting/medium paper
Prduction capacity: 300t/d
Basis weight: 80-160gsm
Net paper width: 4500mm
Paper roll width: 4560mm
Headbox lip width: 4850mm
Balance speed: 450m/min
Arrange form: Single floor


We can make the whole corrugated paper production line machine for paper making friends, if you want to set corrugated paper making business or upgrade the old corrugated making line, welcome to consult us: