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4800mm Flute Corrugating Paper Production Machine


    4800mm Flute Corrugating Paper Production Machine

    Fluting paper is main used in packaging industry, The fluting paper making mainly used waste paper through pulping, screening, cleaning and refining to get fine pulp and then flow into paper machine through pressing, drying, calendering, sizing get final paper. We are professional paper machinery and pulp equipment production machine manufacturer, supply the whole paper making line machine to paper makers, here are the details of 4800mm flute corrugated paper production machine.


    Technical Data Of Corrugated Flute Paper Making Machine


    Raw material: AOCC, EOCC, COCC
    Running condition: Double layers
    Paper grade: High strength corrugated fluting paper
    Working speed: 450-750m/min
    Basis weight: 95-175g/m²


    The whole flute corrugated paper making project machine include pulper, pressure screen, refiner, cleaner, pulp tailing machine etc, we can make the turn-key production line machine, more details, contact us: