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5600mm Corrugated Paper Machine


    5600/650 two layer corrugated paper machine consists of two headboxes, two layers wire forming, press section, drying section, steam hood section, sizing machine, mechanical transmission section, compressed air system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, foundation section, reeling machine, etc. As professional manufacturer of stock preparation line machine, leizhan offer full line of corrugated paper production.


    Main Technical Parameters of 5600 Corrugated Paper Machine


    Main products: high-strength corrugated base paper
    Raw material: waste paper
    Basis weight: 90-250g/㎡
    Capacity: 550-600t/d
    Trimmed width: 5600mm
    Roll paper width: 5660mm
    Width of headbox lip: 6000mm
    Wire width: 6150mm
    Maximum working speed: 600m/min
    Driving speed: 650m/min
    Dynamic balancing peed: 750m/min
    Gauge: 7000mm


    Unit waste paper recycling paper pulp production machine can be provided by Leizhan company. Contact us for more details about 5600/650 two layer corrugated paper machine. Email address: