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5600mm High Strength Fluting Paper Machinery



    5600/900 high strength corrugated paper machine use 100% waste paper pulp produce A grade high strength corrugated paper, which has advantaged of high working speed, big trimmed width, here are the specification details of fluting paper making machine.


    Fluting/Corrugated Paper Machine Specification


    Raw material: 100% waste paper
    Output paper: High strength fluting/corrugated paper
    Basis weight: 80-130g/㎡
    Paper width: 5600mm
    Working speed: 800m/min
    Transmission speed: 900m/min
    Transmission method: AC frequency fractional driving


    We supply the full production line of fluting paper making, include the pulping line and final fluting paper making, welcome to consult us for more details: