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750t/d Corrugated Fluting Paper Pulping Line


    Corrugated cardboard paper mainly used to manufacture carton box liner. The paper mill owner use LOCC or imported waste paper as raw material. After waste paper pulping, slurry cleaner, slurry screening or refining machine enters into corrugated fluting paper machine. Leizhan offer unit corrugated fluting paper stock preparation line equipment.


    Corrugated Paper Pulping Line Equipment Usage


    Drum pulper: high capacity, waste paper and water mixed forming slurry, and remove large impurities.
    High density cleaner: remove large impurities
    Middle consistency pressure screen: screen slurry, remove larger impurities.
    Reject separator: impurities separate for tailing in the coarse screen system
    Low density cleaner: remove heavy impurities


    Our pulping equipment can deal with impurities in the slurry effectively and excellent abrasion resistance, thereby ensure the quality of final paper. If you want to established a corrugated fluting paper mill or renewing old production lines, contact with us to get technical proposal or suggestions. Email address: