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Bale Breaker Machine


    bale breaker machine

    Bale Breaker Machine is widely used in packaging paper making industry when raw material is waste paper in bundles, such as corrugated paper making line, kraft paper making line, etc. Under the filtering of the sieve of the loose charter, it is found that the impurities are removed in a continuous and effective way.In this way, the heavy impurities can be removed as early as possible in the dry method, which will increase the efficiency of the impurities by 80% and reduce the energy consumption by 50%

    The impurities include: wax paper and wood brick, hunk hard plastics, cullet, gypsum, ring-pull can and scrap metal, plastic bottles, etc.

    What can be brought about by the packet dry screening system?

    1. Replace hold car and forklift, reduce the choose personal;
    2. Light and heavy impurities effective remove;
    3. Improve the working environment of workers;
    4. Reduce the following screening burden and energy cost.

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