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Chain Conveyor For Waste Paper


    In the processing of convey waste paper to pulper machine or bale breaker, most customers use manual labor to complete waste paper transportation. In order to reduce labor and more efficiency to finished conveying, the customer use slat chain conveyor for waste paper recycling conveying, which ha advantages of large capacity, low motor power, less wear and high efficiency. Main specifications of chain conveyor as below.


    Main Specification Of Chain Conveyor


    Conveying materials: waste paper, pulp board
    Application: conveying waste paper or pulp board to pulper machine or bale breaker
    Conveyor type: horizontal conveyor or inclined conveyor
    Material: carbon steel or cast iron
    Chain plate width: 1200-2600mm
    Feeding capacity: 60-600m³/h
    Motor power: 5.5-55KW
    Equipped: with reducer
    Advantages: large capacity, reduce labor, high efficiency


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