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Corrugated Box Paper Pulp Plant


    Corrugated Box Paper Pulp Plant

    Corrugated box, is a box made of corrugated paper, mainly used as packaging goods and convenient to conveying. It is divided into single corrugated, double corrugated, triple corrugated, etc, we usually use the first two, single and double wall. Corrugated box is made of through fluting, adhesive, drying, cutting, printing, score, slotting, stitching or joint stuck etc procedures use corrugated original paper, core paper and carton paper. Leizhan as professional paper machinery and pulp equipment manufacturer, we supply the complete corrugated box paper pulp plant.


    Corrugated Box Pulp Making Line


    Raw material: Waste carton paper, LOCC, AOCC
    Corrugated pulp making process: Waste paper conveying → pulper pulping → pulp screening → pulp cleaning → pulp refining → fluting pulp approaching
    Needed pulp equipment: Waste paper bale breaker, chain conveyor, pulper(drum pulper), pressure screen machine, high/medium/low density cleaner, pulp reject separator, light impurity separator, inflow pressure screen, pulp pump, pulp agitator, etc.


    The whole fluting box pulp making plant equipment is little different according to your demand, requirement to paper quality, etc. If you have any demand, welcome to consult us: