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Corrugated Cardboard Paper Stock Preparation Line


    In waste paper recycling industry, AOCC or LOCC usually as raw materials to make kraft paper, testliner or corrugated paper. One of our customer use 80% LOCC and 20% AOCC as raw materials to make corrugated cardboard paper, and full set stock preparation line machine provided by our company.


    550t/24h Corrugated Paper Pulp Production Line Machine


    Chain conveyor: Width: B=1200mm, Totle length: 8m
    Middle consistency hydrapulper: 10m³, h=Ø20mm, C=4~7%
    High density cleaner: Q=2000L/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    Double disc refiner: Ø600mm, C=3~5%
    Bale Breaker: Φ3250mm, h=Φ25~35mm
    Drum pulper: diameter of drum pulper: Ø3500mm
    M.C. coarse screen: A=3.0m2, S=0.60mm, C=3~4%
    Light impurity separator: V=2m³, h=3.5mm, C=2~2.5%
    Reject separator: Ø380mm, C=0.8~1.2%, h=4.5mm
    Fractionating screen: A=4.83m², s=0.20mm, C=1.4~1.6%


    Leizhan offer unit corrugated cardboard stock preparation line machine, if you want to upgrade old paper making project, please contact with for more technical details. Email address: