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Corrugated Carton Box Production Line


Corrugated Carton Box Production Line

Raw material: Wood pulp, waste paper, White shavings

Fine products: Corrugated carton box

Line: Corrugated Carton Box Production Line

China Leizhan can supply the whole corrugated carton box production system for paper makers use various raw material like recycled paper, wood pulp, white shavings, etc.

Pulp Processing Line

  • Paper pulping system: Drum pulper, D type continuous hydrapulper system, Vertical hydrapulper, H.C. hydrapulper, M.C. hydrapulper.
  • Pulp cleaning system: High density cleaner, Low density cleaner
  • Pulp Screening system: Mid consistency pressure screen, Light impurity separator, Reject separator, Vibrating screen, Inflow pressure screen
  • Pulp refining system: Double disc refiner, Conical refiner, Claflin refiner

Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

Leizhan to deliver high quality automatic corrugated carton box making machine for paper plants. Leizhan corrugated carton box paper machine has the trimmed width range of  1880-3750mm and basis weight range of 60-150g/m2. It has the capacity of 15-500t/d with the working speed range of 100-800m/min.