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Corrugated Fluting Paper Machinery


    Corrugated Fluting Paper Machinery

    Corrugated board paper production line is the most important production line equipment of carton packaging industry, include wet part equipment, dryer part equipment, press part equipment, calendering part, etc. Leizhan is able to manufacture the complete set of corrugated fluting paper making machinery, which is high efficiency and low energy consumption.


    Corrugated Fluting Paper Machine Main Supply Scope


    Paper grade: corrugated paper, corrugated medium fluting paper;
    Trimmed width: 2400mm-6600mm
    Basis weight: 70-150gsm
    Design basis weight: 100gsm
    Design speed: 250m/min-1000m/min
    Drive speed: 250m/min-1000m/min
    Working speed: 200m/min-800m/min
    Design production: 100-800tpd


    The turn-key corrugated fluting paper making project except the corrugated fluting paper machine also include the stock preparation project. Steel chain conveyor, paper pulper, pulp screening machine, pulp centri-cleaner, pulp refiner, pulp tailing machine etc, if you want to establish new paper mill or upgrade the old paper making line, welcome to consult us: