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Disc Refiner For Paper Mill


    disc refiner for paper mill

    With the improvement and development of technology, gradually form the modern paper making process: Raw material-conveying-pulping-impurity remove-pulp relief-refining-screening-paper machine(head box-wire part-press part-dryer part-sizing-dryer part-calendering-reeling part.


    Refining is use Disc Refiner to beating pulp, is the most critical segment of paper making pulp preparation. It directly decide the pulp quality, include fiber’s shape, size, and the degree of broomization. Disc Refiner is the widely used refining equipment, have competitive advantages compare with other refiner, such as small volume, low energy cost, high-performance pulp refining effect, etc.


    Disc Refiner Technicial Specification


    Diameter of plate: 380mm, 450mm
    Production Capacity: 6-20t/d, 8-60t/d
    Concentration of input pulp: 2-5%, 3-5%
    Pressure of input pulp: 0.1-0.2mpa, 0.15-0.2mpa
    Motor power: 37-55kw, 75-90-110kw.


    The refining plate of disc refiner for paper mill is different according to the different pulp, welcome to consult us if you want to know more details: