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Double Disc Refiner Used In Paper Pulping


    Double Disc Refiner Used In Paper Pulping

    What Is Double Disc Refiner?

    Double Disc Refiner is used for improving the pulp beating degree to meet the paper making need. It always mounted after reject separator or pressure screen to increase the pulp fiber quality.
    Double Disc Refiner fits the continuous pulp beating of chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp, and waste paper pulp in 3%-5% consistency, which is a ideal equipment for paper pulp beating.

    Double Disc Refiner Structure

    Double Disc Refiner consists of three main components: worm gear, abrasive disk, floating brake disc spline.
    The whole machine body is made of stainless steel, which is not only well-looked, but also anti-corrosion.

    Double Disc Refiner Specification

    With the different disc diameter, the Double Disc Refiner production capacity is not the same. Generally, the disc diameter longer, the production capacity larger.

    For example, Leizhan supplies three type Double Disc Refiner and the disc diameter are φ550mm, φ600mm, φ660mm. So the production capacity also range from 10-100t/d, 12-150t/d to 15-200t/d.

    So, if the paper mill has a large production need, the φ660mm Double Disc Refiner is the best choice. On the contrary, the φ550mm one is the best choice for small production line.

    Double Disc Refiner is customized according to the practical production need. Leizhan designs and makes the whole pulp making production line according to customer’s requirements.