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Double Layer Carton Board Paper Machine


    Paper mill machine double layer carton board paper machine mainly used to make liner cardboard paper and corrugated paper. The carton board paper machine is composed of headbox, fourdriner part, press part, frond drying part, behind drying part, calender part and reeling part.


    Main Structure of Carton Board Paper Machine


    1. Headbox: There are two sets of open headboxes, corresponding to the surface wire and the bottom wire respectively. By controlling the liquid level in the headbox, the sizing head of the online slurry can be controlled and stabilized.
    2. Wire part: two stacks of wire, namely surface wire and bottom wire, main components: breast roll, forming plate, dewatering plate, vacuum box, compound roll, vacuum couch roll, wire driving roll, wire guide roll and frame Wait. The surface mesh and the bottom mesh are each equipped with a forming mesh.
    3. Pressing part: divided into one pressing and two pressing. The first press and the second press are large-diameter presses, each equipped with upper and lower rubber-coated metal rollers, and equipped with upper and lower felts. The first press and the second press are pressurized by the hydraulic cylinder.
    4. Drying part: Φ1500/Φ1800 drying cylinder, group transmission, with guide roller and drying net. With closed air hood.
    5. Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal paper winding machine, the pressurizing method is air cylinder pressurization.


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