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High Quality DD Refiner For Sale


    DD refiner is a kind of high-speed pulp fiber decomposing equipment, with good beating effect, high production efficiency and low power consumption. DD refiner is mainly used for beating and improving the beating degree of slurry. The new type refiner can automatically adjust the grinding disc gap, and the disc form can be selected according to the raw material. High qualtiy, excellent beating effect and high efficiency.


    Features of Double Disc Refiner


    1. The Double Disc Refiner is mainly used for beating to improve the degree of pulp beating and meet the needs of papermaking.
    2. The Double Disc Refiner can be equipped with various tooth refiner plate.
    3. The raw materials of the Double Disc Refiner have a wide range of applications, and are suitable for wood pulp, chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.


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