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How 150tpd Corrugated Cardboard Line Is Made?



    Corrugated cardboard is the most common used paper. According to the data survey, the consumption and production of corrugated cardboard are both uprising. On this condition, many paper mill need to expand the production scale and lots of new corrugated paper mill are built.

    150t/d Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

    The corrugated paper production capacity depends on the paper mill scale. 150t/d corrugated fiberboard production line is a average standard in the paper making industry. So using 150t/d as the example can explain the paper making line in a comprehensive way.
    Process Description:
    1. Item type: 150t/d Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
    2. Feed material: recycled kraft containerboard, waste corrugated paper, virgin wood fiber
    3. Production procedure: pulping, cleaning, screening and refining
    4. Needed Machine: Chain conveyor, 150t/d pressure screen(M.C.& H.C.), 150t/d Hydrapulper(M.C.& H.C.), High& Low Density Cleaner, Double Disc Refiner, drum pulp and so on
    5. End production: Corrugated medium
    6. Production usage: Shipping containers, corrugated boxes

    Leizhan Advanced Technology In Corrugated Making Machine

    In the past years, Leizhan devotes itself to produce quality paper making machine and master several core technology in key equipment component like the energy-saving VOKES rotor, which can strengthen the hydraulic circulation and fiber relief and the QCS automatic control system,used for removing impurities according to different specific gravity, making the process of impurities removal convenient and reliable.

    Leizhan knows that equipment quality is the most important element in the paper making line and surpassing average standard is Leizhan’s self-requested criterion.