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How To Get High-quality Corrugated Paper?


    how to get high quality corrugated paper

    Corrugated box compressive strength is one of the important index for corrugated design and produce, this index is influence the protection effectiveness of the carton in the process of transportation and distribution. Leizhan make high quality and low consumption corrugated paper making line, which can produce high quality and high strength corrugated paper.


    The Factors To Affect The Corrugated Paper Quality


    1. Raw paper influence:
    The raw material of corrugated paper is the most important factors to decide the compressive strength of corrugated box, main include: raw corrugated paper, adhesive and paper board processing techonolgy, etc. Among them, the comprehensive ring crush strength of corrugated cardboard and corrugated paper directly determines the compressive strength of corrugated paperboard. The compressive strength of corrugated paper also determines the compressive strength of corrugated paperboard, the crush strength of paper base and the weight of paperboard, the moisture content , Tightness, stiffness and other properties are related.


    2. Adhesives and bonding effects:
    Adhesives directly determine the bonding effect of the cardboard, bonding the merits of a direct impact on the pressure side of the cardboard, adhesive properties also affect the dampness and moisture absorption of cardboard.


    3. Corrugation types and shape effects:
    The thickness of the different corrugated support and the force-bearing surface are different, the same material, the higher of the height of cardboard corrugated and the greater pressure of cardboard edge, the greater the coefficient of corrugated board, the greater the pressure on the edge of the cardboard.


    4. Corrugated box making technology effects:
    Qualified corrugated paper board is the foundation to process high quality corrugated paper. Therefore, must adopt high speed and multi-layers corrugated paper production line, Leizhan is professional at the manufacture of corrugated paper making machine, include the stock preparation line to final corrugated paper roll rewinding.


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