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How To Solve Paper Forming Question?


    how to solve paper forming question

    Paper forming is a vital factor to get high quality paper, here are the solutions about how to solve paper forming question then get evenness and high strength paper in paper making process.


    1. Forming network settings can be improved in the following ways:
    (A) Correctly set the distance between the previous roller and the bezel so that there is no large flow between them
    (B) All baffles are positioned at the forming screen so that no water will flow through the baffle
    (C) Confirm that all dewatering elements are aligned
    – The chopper must have its tip in proper contact with the forming wire
    – This means that all the boards must be ground at the same time
    (D) All rollers rotate freely


    2. For existing headboxes, the best quantitative distribution is always maintained.


    3. The discharge of the lip of the lip should be as uniform and uniform as possible
    – Try to avoid flocculation occurs


    4. Set the speed of the net speed ratio to the best condition
    – Actually use the meter to read the value
    – For advanced paper machines, this value is automatically controlled


    5. The following conditions are better:
    – upper lip
    – Lower lip
    Forming plate
    Breast roller relationship
    – The lower part of the discharge lip of the lip should fall on the important part of the forming plate
    – Avoid backflow of the forming plate
    – Except for special circumstances, to avoid the chest roller slurry discharge.


    6. In exceptional cases, serious effects of vigilance must be observed: Thorax roll draining may be advantageous as the first 15-20% of the sheet has been formed to avoid large bright spots
    – When the headbox slurry distribution is not good, so that the Internet slurry to the network behind the back is beneficial.


    There are many factors to affect the paper forming, more details welcome to consult us: