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Inflow Pressure Screen In Pulping Process


    inflow pressure screen in pulping process

    Pulp Inflow Pressure Screen machine is an indispensable equipment in pulp flow system, always used before headbox or cylinder mould to flow slurry, especially have good effect of homogenate to stock, contribute to get high quality paper.

    Features Of Inflow Pressure Screen

    1. Outer rotor rotates in the sieve drum, heavy impurity flowing away from the drum sieve, sieve slit clogging of screen drum life is greatly increased;
    2. Streamlined rotor, plasma flow smoothly, pulsed low intensity;
    3. Pairs of impurities and fiber bundles good separation sieve slit clogging.
    4. Low pulse, high screening efficiency, reliable operation.
    5. Equipped with automatic oiling device to reduce maintenance;
    6. Seal water flow automatic detection and alarm devices to ensure safe operation of equipment.

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