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M.C. Pressure Screen VS Inflow Pressure Screen


    M.C.-Pressure-Screen-VS-Inflow-Pressure Screen

    What Is M.C. Pressure Screen?

    M.C. Pressure Screen is a kind pulping machine with many rotor blades and no winding, which is specially used for coarse and fine screening of various recycled pulp.

    What Is Inflow Pressure Screen?

    Inflow Pressure Screen is a kind pulping machine used after M.C. Pressure Screen. It has no gaskets companion flange pulp outlet and the inwall is polished. The inflow structure can make a good effect of homogenate.

    Difference In Production Capacity

    M.C. pressure screen and inflow pressure screen both have a inside screen drum, which are made of stainless steel. The difference lies on the screen area. The screen area of M.C. pressure screen is 0.3-4㎡, while the screen area of inflow pressure screen is 0.6-7㎡. So the inflow pressure screen’s screen area is larger than M.C. pressure screen, which means the production capacity of inflow pressure surpass M.C. Pressure Screen.
    If the scale of paper mill is small and the annual output is not big enough or the production is just sell to local customer, it can choose M.C. pressure screen as the screening machine. On the contrary, inflow pressure screen fits the paper mill which has a large annual output.