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OCC Recycling 150T/18H Corrugated Paper Pulping Line


    According to the customer’s requirements, our technical engineer drew a proposal of OCC Recycling 150t/18h corrugated paper pulping line. OCC is a commonly used raw material for the production of single face corrugated paper. There are many impurities during in the OCC pulping processing line. It is necessary to remove these impurities so that ensure the final paper quality. Unit OCC recycling pulping processing line can be provided by Leizhan company, like pulp screening machine, cleaning machine or refining machine, etc.


    150T/18H Corrugated Paper Pulping Line Equipment


    Chain Conveyor: B=1400mm, feeding capacity: 80-255m³/h
    Drum Pulper: Φ2750mm,∅12/∅11/∅9mm,C=18~22%
    High Density Cleaner: Q=5800-7500L/min,C=3~5%,P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    Light Impurity Separator: V=0.8m3,∅3.5mm,C=2.0%
    Reject Separator: Φ380mm,Φ4.0mm,C=1.5%
    Mid Consistency Coarse Screen: A=1.21m2,∅2.0mm,C=3.0-4.0%
    Mid Density Cleaner: Q=5800-7500L/min,C=2~3%,P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    Fractionating Screen: A=1.21m2,//0.20mm,C=2.4-2.5%
    Fine Screen: A=0.91m2,//0.22mm,C=1.0%
    Double Disc Refiner: Φ660mm,C=3-5%


    We designed the reasonable proposal for the customer from OCC recycling pulping line to corrugated paper machine section. If you are interested in waste paper recycling industry, welcome to contact me for more details. Email address: