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Paper Drum Pulper


    Drum pulper is our main product and mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency. Preliminary screen and simplify process. Drum pulper has the advantages of low energy consumption, reduce running cost and low maintenance cost.


    Three Part of Drum Pulper


    1. Pre-soaking area: waste paper and water mix well.
    2. Pulping area: the soaked waste paper enters the high-concentration pulping area. At a concentration of 15%-25%, with the rotation of the drum, the waste paper is picked up by the lifting grid on the inner wall, and falls down after rising to a certain height. impact with a hard inner surface.
    3. Screening area: as soon as the pulp enters the screening area, it is washed and diluted, and the pulp concentration drops to about 3%-4%. At this time, the qualified fibers enter the pulp tank through the screening holes, and the coarse impurities are blocked by the screen plate, and stay in the screening area for continuous elutriation. Finally, it is discharged from the slag outlet at the end of the drum.


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