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Paper Machine Felt


    Paper making felt is a valuable material in the paper industry. According to the use of the felt, it can be divided into wet felt, top felt and dry felt. The felt can filter the moisture in the pulp and tightly fold the wet paper layers in the multi-wire. We can offer high quality paper machine felt.


    How to Choose Paper Machine Felt/ Fabric?


    Generally, thin paper paper is made of four-ply, plain weave or corrugated twill base fabric on a paper machine with a fast speed. The weight is about 700 grams. But in the first 730-750, the weight of the upper blanket must be 50 grams higher. The specific situation must be based on the structure of the felt base fabric, the specific gravity of the base fabric, the effective power of the vacuum pump of the paper machine, the size of the washing water pressure, the diameter of the idler roller, and the pressure. It depends on the size of the drying cylinder and other configurations.


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