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Pressure Screen Used In Paper Pulp Machine



    Pressure screen is widely used in paper-making process. In the previous pulping stage, pressure screen is an indispensable equipment and plays an necessary role. But to be exact, what is pressure screen? And how does it classified? What’s the difference between various pressure screen? This post will give you more specific details about pressure screen.

    What Is Pressure Screen?

    Pressure screen is mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp, which decides the consistency of pulping fiber. Three types pressure screen are divided by Leizhan paper machine company.

    How Does Pressure Screen Classified?

    The first one is coarse screen.
    The second one is fine screen.
    The third one is inflow pressure screen.

    Difference Between Various Pressure Screen

    1. Coarse screen has a hole screen basket inside. It is always used in first screening in paper pulp making line.
    2. Fine screen has a slot screen basket inside. It is always used after coarse screen for fine screening pulp.
    3. Inflow pressure screen is mainly used for fine screening before paper machine. It also has a slot screen basket.

    Advantage Of Pressure Screen

    1. Pressure screen has heavy impurities discharge pipe, making sure the screen basket runs safely.
    2. It is convenient disassembly and assembly , so it can have a low energy consumption and less loss of fiber.
    3. Automatic oil injection device can reduce maintenance.
    4. Seal water flow automatic detection alarm device makes sure the system runs safety.




    Leizhan has provided kinds pressure screen types for different customer’s need. According to the particular request, leizhan makes suitable design planning to meet the need.