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Pulp Beating Or Refining Machine


pulp beating or refining machine

What is the most important step to paper making process? Beating/Refining. Beating is a key point to paper manufacturing industry, if the stock didn’t handle well before, will bring many trouble to the following paper making, and then can’t get high quality paper. Leizhan provides Double Disc Refining¬†machine used for beating and improving the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the papermaking demand.

ZDP Series Double Disc Refining Machine

Diameter of plate: 380mm 450mm
Product Capacity: 6-20t/d 8-60t/d
Concentration of input pulp: 2%-5% 3%-5%
Pressure of input pulp: 0.1-0.2mpa 0.15-0.2mpa
Motor power: 37-55kw 75-90-110kw

DD Series Double Disc Refiner

Diameter of plate: 550mm 600mm 660mm
Produvt Capacity: 10-100t/d 12-150t/d 15-200t/d
Concentration: 3%-5%
Motor power: 160-250kw 185-315kw 220-500kw