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Pulp Cleaning Machine Low Density Cleaner


    In the process of waste paper recycling, some impurities are often mixed in. Remove slag to ensure paper quality is of critical importance. Pulp cleaning machine low density cleaner mainly used for removing heavy impurities like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles. Low density cleaner adopted high quality parts to guarantee cleaning effect. After each low density cleaner, the slurry will become very clean.


    Description Of LD Cleaner


    Equipment: KH600 low density cleaner
    Pulping capacity: 100t/d
    Raw material: OCC
    Accept pulp concentration:0.8~1.0%
    Pulp consistency: 0.9~1%
    Flow of each: 600L/min
    Total No.: 24+8+2
    Main part: 304 stainless steel
    Valve: PVC
    Support: Q235(3 sets)
    Bottom cone: alumina ceramic
    Slag discharge mouth: alumina ceramic(¢10mm)


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