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Pulp Cleaning Machine Low Density Cleaner


    pulp cleaning machine low density cleaner

    Cleaning is an important procedure in paper pulping process, Low Density Cleaner machine is mainly used after coarse screening for removing heavy impurities in the pulp like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles.

    Leizhan published two kinds of Low density Cleaner up to now: KH series and LZ series L.D.Cleaner. These two cleaning machine all adopt stainless steel cone of outlet and inlet pipe, and the bottom of cone adopts wear-resistant ceramics. LZ series is the new type cleaning machine adopt improved process on the base of KH series.

    Difference In KH And LZ Series L.D.Cleaner

    1. Consistency: The older low density cleaning machine largest working consistency is 1.5%, but LZ series can reach 2%, improved the production capacity, decrease the corresponding segments and number, has lower investment.
    2. Efficiency Of Deslagging: LZ series Low Density Cleaner has higher deslagging efficiency, which avoid the accumulation of ash in following operation.
    3. Technology: Adopt VOITH advanced technology, greatly improved whole working performance.
    4. Rate Passing Capacity Of Single Equipment: Former cleaning equipment single passing capacity from 400l/min to 1500l/min, and the new type adopt fixed 450l/min passing capacity, which is more convenient.
    5. Energy Saving: Smaller motor power, reduce the energy consumption.

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