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Reject Sorter For Recycling Paper


    OCC recycling pulping line machine reject separator/ sorter mainly used to remove light impurities. The remove slag machine can used in kraft paper making line or corrugated paper making line. Reject sorter has the advantages of high efficiency, excellent remove slag ability and reduce fiber loss.


    Advantages of Reject Sorter/ Separator


    1. Feeding box maintain the feeding pulp stable.
    2. The rotor is blade type, which improves the ability of slurry disintegration.
    3. Equipped with spry water device, improve fiber recovery ratio.
    4. Excellent remove slag ability, there are no fibers in impurities.


    The Reject Separator/ Sorter have been sold to many countries, such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Iran, etc. If you want to improve fiber loss in your old production line, please feel free to contact us. Email address: