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Rewinding Machine Operation Method



    One of our Iranian customers purchased complete stock preparation line equipment and paper machine. In order to finish the installation work as soon as possible to get benefits, our company made a proposal to help him to understand the operation methods of paper rewinding machine and dispatched an engineer for on-site operation.


    Operation Methods Of Paper Rewinder


    1.Place the base paper roll on the back shelf.

    2.Check the size of the core with a steel ruler. It must meet the requirements. Then place the core of the paper on the support roller/drive roller, hold it tightly against the top of the roll paper, and place the pin on the top of the roll paper on the wheel fixed.

    3.Pull the paper sheet of the original paper roll to wrap the paper core, so that the edge of the upper round knife is in contact with the edge of the bottom knife roll, and the bottom knife roll is placed to press the core to start at a low speed, and the paper roll can gradually rise to the required speed when it is wrapped up to 15-20 mm.

    4.Set the initial tension according to the sheet tension requirements.

    5.After completing a rewinding, brake the driving roller and the original paper roll, then start the lifting cylinder in the hydraulic system, lift the cutting part off the finished paper roll, withdraw the top cores on both sides of the finished paper roll, and then start the paper pushing device to push the finished paper roll away from the bottom roll. Finally, the hydraulic system and mechanical parts are reset, waiting for the next rewinding.


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