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Rewinding Paper Machine Rewinder


    Paper machine rewinding rewinder consists of framework device, slitting device, paper retreat device, driving device, supporting device, paper roll tension device, paper push device, etc. Paper machine rewinder mainly applied to the net paper width ≦ 1350mm, 100-500g/m2 paper rewinding. Put the original paper roll on the unwinding stand of the rewinder and rewinding it into final paper roll according to the width & tightness requirement.


    Paper Machine Rewinder Installation Quality Requirements


    1. The longitudinal horizontal error of the both sides of the rack base rail not exceed 0.05 / 1000.
    2. The vertical error of both sides of the rack sliding guide surface and the bottom rail surface not more than 0.05 / 1000.
    3. The parallelism error of the both sides rack sliding rail surface shall not exceed 0.05mm.
    4. Both sides of the rack slide guide sides should be in the same plane, tolerance 0.05mm.
    5. The axial parallelism errors of the drive roller and the paper roller does not exceed 0.03 mm.


    The rewinding paper machine rewinder suitable for all kinds of paper machine. Welcome to contact with me for more specifications about paper machine rewinder. Email address: