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Sludge Dewatering Machine For Paper Making Industry


    Paper making wastewater treatment is the primary problem faced by all paper making enterprises. In response to this problem, the sludge dewatering machine was developed by introducing and absorbing mature experience and technology. Paper mill sludge dewatering machine used to concentrate sludge in paper making industry.


    How Does The Sludge Dewatering Machine Work?


    The liquid sludge first enters the gravity dehydration zone to remove free water, reduce the fluidity of the sludge, and generate a greater binding force between the flocs and particles, and then enter the wedge-shaped pre-compression dehydration stage, and the sludge is dehydrated by gravity. , Liquidity is almost completely lost. In the swirling dehydration, the tension of the mesh belt is gradually increased through the change of the diameter of the swirling roller body to form gradual dehydration. When the mesh belt enters the roller with a smaller diameter, the pressing force generated by the stretching force of the filter belt is placed up and down. Between two symmetrical filter belts, the shearing force generated by the different rotation direction is dehydrated.


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