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Turnkey Project Unit Fluting Paper Machine


    Recycling waste paper is an useful way to reduce waste of resources. Our advanced equipment can reduce fiber loss and achieve the best conversion from waste paper to final products. Turnkey project unit fluting paper machine can produce kraft paper,fluting paper and testliner by modify some technology specifications. We can provided complete paper production line pulping equipment,such as pulper equipment,screening equipment and cleaner equipment and so on. Here is fluting paper machine pulping equipment specifications


    Paper Pulper And Convey Equipment


    Chain conveyor (conveyor waste paper or pulp board)
    Bale Breaker (remove big impurities)
    Hydrapulper (waste paper and water mixed forming slurry)


    Paper Pulping Cleaner Impurity Equipment


    High density cleaner(remove heavy impurities)
    Low density cleaner (remove heavy impurities like gravel)
    Vibrating screening (remove various impurities in pulp suspension)
    Reject separator (remove tailings pulp impurities)
    Fiber separator (secondary breaking and screening to reduce fiber loss)


    Pulping Screening Impurity equipment


    Middle consistency pressure screen (screen pulp at a certain concentration)
    Fine screen (small screen hole to remove impurities)
    Coarse screen (big screen hole to remove slag)
    Fractionating screen (Separating long short fiber)


    Pulping refiner equipment


    Double disc refiner (improve beating degree)


    Pulping Line Auxiliary Equipment


    Pulp pump (convey slurry supply power)
    Agitator (stirring slurry keep floating state)


    Furnished whole set of turnkey project fluting paper machine production line,included drawing design,equipment installation, staff training and after-sales service. Whatever set up new paper mill or improve design capacity. Welcome to consult us more details about turnkey project kraft paper machine. Email address: