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Waste Carton Paper Recycling Machine


    waste carton paper recycling machine

    Waste carton recycling machine is fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine, it mainly used to produce high strength corrugated paper, fluting paper in paper making industry. Leizhan supply high quality and low price waste carton recycling machine production full line for paper maker friends, The options for a paper mill plant with the following scope, capacity, qualities, products and substances as mentioned below.

    Corrugated Paper Making Machine Parameter

    Paper Grade: High-strength corrugated paper
    Trimmed Width: 1575-5800mm
    Basis Weight: 60-150g/m²
    Operating Speed: 100-800m/min
    Production Capacity: 15-500

    Waste Carton Recycling Machine Production Full Line

    The waste carton paper is conveyed to High Consistency Hydrapulper, then the stock flow into High Density Cleaner, after that get into pulp screening system(M.C,Pressure Screen, Reject Separator), and then pulp are conveyed to refining machine such as Double Disc Refiner, besides, Inflow Pressure Screen Machine can make stock more homogenate. In the end, fine pulp will be sent to paper making machine to produce high quality paper

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