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Waste Water Treatment Methods In Paper Making Process


    waste water treatment in paper making process

    Waste water is produced by many process in pulping line of paper making, these waste water not only has pollution to environment, and improve the cost at the same time.


    Paper making use waste paper mainly adopt waste paper board, waste newspaper, waste book, etc as raw material, produce various specifications white board paper, carton paper, corrugated paper, etc. The production process is difference according to the different of products, the waste paper discharge mainly from screening, thickening, and paper machine white water, etc process, when with deinking craft, discharge deinking waste.


    Waste Water Basic Dealing Methods


    Air float or precipitation method, through adding coagulant, can remove most SS, at the same time remove most insoluble COD and part of soluble COD and BOD. The typical dealing craft process as follows: Waste water→screening wire→air float or precipitation→discharge


    Waste water treatment is very important in paper making process, which about the environment protection and energy cost, Leizhan supply the high efficiency and low cost paper making line, welcome to consult us: