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What Do You Know About Chain Plate Conveyor?


    What Do You Know About Chain Plate Conveyor?

    What Is Chain Plate Conveyor Structure?

    Chain plate conveyor mainly consists of five parts: head unit, tail unit, tensioning device, chain plates and rack.
    Head Unit: composed of the motor, speed reducer, transmission drive, sprocket devices and other components. Power is transmitted to the spindle by the driven means.
    Tail Unit: it is a part of changing direction, consist of the tail shaft, the driven sprocket and other components.
    Tension Apparatus: uses a spiral tension and used to adjust the tightness of the traction chain.
    Chain Plate Parts: consists of drag chain and the slot plate.
    Frame: consists of the head, tail ,middle frame. Welded by channel, angle iron and strength steel.

    Leizhan Scraper Chain Conveyor Specification

    Supply Ability: 50 Set/Sets per Month
    Capacity: 60-600m³/h
    Features: higher capacity, lower energy consumption, easier operation
    Raw Material: waste paper,wood pulp materials
    Output production: corrugated paper, kraft paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper, test liner, toilet tissue paper roll.etc.
    Processing Mode: waste paper recycling and paper pulping system in paper mill